The Media Facade
La fachada mediática

The building's facade is actually an enormous screen for creative displays.

The C3A facade looks like an intricate mosaic during the day, but at night it becomes a unique, dynamic media wall that interacts with the architecture in a very specific way. The 100-metre-long facade is made of 1,319 hexagonal cells. Each niche reflects and projects a built-in artificial light source. The intensity of each lamp can be adjusted individually to form a huge, irregularly shaped screen, a highly effective means of conveying digital information.

During daylight hours, the facade presents a three-dimensional landscape with no sign of the underlying technology. However, the tectonic and topographical modulation of the surface offers a playful composition of light and shadow that changes as the sun moves across the sky.

After the grand opening, this media facade will display the virtual creations of the Berlin-based firm Realities United, which will generate images and models on the River Guadalquivir.