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The Centro de Creación Contemporánea de Andalucía-C3A opened in December 2016 with the intention of becoming a vibrant hub of artistic creation and production. As the extension in Córdoba of the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo (CAAC), its parent institution, over the past several years the centre has devised a well-rounded programme of exhibitions, activities, courses, workshops, performances, concerts and artistic production residencies that have enabled it to become a place where different artistic disciplines intersect and thrive. 

Unlike other contemporary art centres or museums, the main focus of the C3A is on production, creation and experimentation. One of the centre¿s distinguishing traits is its commitment to showing the public the creative process and its outcome, not just finished works, which explains why creative residences and the living arts are given pride of place in its programme. 

Residents at the C3A have access to over 1,000 sqm of visual creation workshops and audiovisual labs. These facilities can be used to produce paintings, metal and wood sculptures or ceramics, as well as projects in other media that require digital technology, such as photography and video. They also have media lab equipment, including a 3D printer and scanner. The artistic production residencies have been one of the cornerstones of the centre¿s activity since it was founded, with the aim of becoming Andalusia¿s leading institution in this field. 

Another pillar of the C3A is the Black Box, a space where visual arts converge with performance, experimental music and other disciplines, which has its own annual programme. The centre also began offering outdoor concerts in 2018, which it plans to continue.

Artistic training is another top priority: the C3A offers workshops and courses for general or specialized audiences, as well as an extensive educational programme. One example is DIDÁCTI-CA3, an educational initiative based on active and performative learning programmes that aims to help students, teachers and educators develop critical thinking skills through debate, dialogue and reasoned comprehension. In addition, the centre offers workshops for families and other activities.

The C3A¿s educational workshops and courses for different types of audiences have increased substantially over the years, and today it has a permanent programme called C3Aula (Night School) that organizes workshops on a variety of themes: drone photography, 3D printing, contemporary drawing and ceramics, printmaking, photography, etc.

Finally, every year the C3A hosts temporary exhibitions that bring the latest trends in national and international contemporary art to the city of Córdoba, highlight the work of Andalusian artists, and showcase the results of its creative production programmes.