Media Library

The C3A Media Library offers 10 new individual viewing stations with 4K screens and 6 online research terminals that allow users to consult all video records in the Filmoteca de Andalucía [Film Library of Andalusia], also located at the centre.

These holdings comprise over 18,000 works on magnetic film and especially in digital format, including the entire Legal Deposit of Andalusia, plus an interesting audio library related to films and soundtracks. The Media Library provides access to all film archives available on legal online viewing platforms as well as the digitized records of the Filmoteca de Andalucía, which will be expanded in the medium term to include the holdings of national and international film libraries thanks to the centre¿s affiliation with the International Federation of Film Archives.

In addition to offering a new space for new viewing experiences, the Media Library is the perfect place to contemplate one of the Filmoteca's most valuable treasures: its Specialized Library, with more than 13,000 volumes on film and audiovisuals which the new centre will make available to the general public.

This library includes exhaustive anthologies by experts in the field as well as more general informative publications for the uninitiated and a substantial catalogue of periodicals and specialized journals to which users will have free access. All of these resources have been brought together in an enriching new space of interaction, research and learning.

Audiovisual room

One room will be devoted to showing the latest contemporary audiovisual productions or explaining the creative processes of today's most innovative artists. The content of this space will be highly didactic to help visitors understand how the different arts have evolved over time up to the present day.

During the centre's opening hours, various informative artistic films will be projected continuously on the screen in this room.

Media Library opening hours

Opening hours differ from C3A hours. For current information, please, consult Filmoteca de Andalucía.